Our retractable awnings offer the benefit of convenience to our customers. The retractable awning allows you to quickly and easily roll out the canopy when your deck is in use, and pull it back in when you’re done. There are six base models you can choose from and a wide variety of fabric colors and valence trims/styles. Customers also have the option of manual or motorized operation. As you would expect, a motorized awning would allow the customer to deploy and retract their awning all at the push of a button.


Our fixed awnings are not only for those who require more shade, but are also for those looking to accent their homes. These awnings provide the customer with maximum customization with over 30 unique models and an even larger pool of fabric colors and valence trims/styles. Don’t worry if our site doesn’t provide you with the perfect size, we allow our customers to specify the dimensions of their ideal awning. For businesses and people interested in presenting their name, provide us a design and we’ll sit it on the face of your awning.

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