About Awntech Awnings

We Put the “All” in Install

Awntech Awnings are designed to make awning assembly and installation accessible to people who are hands on aside from contractors and professional installers. People who are looking to renovate their homes or upcoming business can use Awntech awnings for their Do-It-Yourself projects. Our awning selection ranges from prepackaged retractable awnings to lightweight modular fixed fabric and metal units. Although our prices are very competitive, you will be surprised by the quality and durability of our products. Assembly and installation are a breeze and a five year limited warranty comes with every product. At Awntech, our first objective is bring you high quality, designer, modular structures at reasonable prices.

The BEAUTY-MARK® acrylic fabric line-up has a wide selection of solid and stripe options to choose from. Awntech has utility patents and pending patents that cover durable modular structure assemblies. All of our outdoor, fixed frame awnings have been engineered and tested for wind and snow loads. Our awning styles range from interior and exterior residential and commercial styles to high-end retractable awnings.

Who We Are: Awntech Corporation

Our company is an awning manufacturing company that has been in operation since 2003. Although we are a majority e-commerce based company, our store front and manufacturing site is based out of Euless, Texas. It is assured that our customers, both residential and commercial, receive affordably priced, high quality, customizable awnings. Our company distinguishes themselves differently than any ordinary awning company as we have depleted the middle man contractors and designed a “Do-It-Yourself” assembly for every awning, making the installation process quick and efficient.

Our Fabric Brand:

Our company’s fabric brand, BEAUTY-MARK® Fabric, brings a durable, neutral, vibrant, solid and striped personality to our 100% acrylic awning fabrics.

Our Purpose