Awning Applications

Awntech produces a dynamic variety of high quality, affordable awnings. From durability to style, our American made retractable awnings and fixed awnings will look great for years to come. These canopies will not only keep you cool, they will add some value to your home. Enjoy time with your family or enjoy company events while staying cool under an Awntech awning.


Backyard Patio | Front Porch | Back Door | Windows | Backyard Pool | Above Garage | Terrace Covering | Veranda

Business Owners

Restaurant Patio | Business Deck | Outdoor Bar | Building Balcony | Rooftop Lounge | Windows | Any Outdoor Area

Stationary Vehicles

*Stationary Food Trucks | *Stationary Motor Homes | *Stationary Mobile Homes | * Stationery Tiny Homes

Home Awnings

Awntech offers a wide variety of awnings that are perfect for your home! Our beautiful fixed frame awnings offer the perfect accent for your windows as well as shade to cool your home and save on energy costs. If you want to claim your patio or pool space from the hot sun, then choose one of your durable retractable awnings to have it made in the shade! Choose from nearly 50 fabric designs and a number of standard awning sizes to match your home’s style.

Business Awnings

Business awnings are perfect for restaurant dining areas, deck/patio spaces, building balconies, and any outdoor area. We offer a wide variety of awnings that will contribute to lowering your businesses high energy costs, enhancing the look of your office building, and allowing your guests to enjoy your outdoor space in the comfort of shade.

All About Awntech’s Awnings

Our impressive line-up includes a gorgeous line of elegant, modern, and traditional awnings.

Awntech Designs & Styles

We offer 3 retractable, 2 metal, and 10 fixed fabric awning styles with more than 25 designs, including striped and solid-color options. Whether you are looking for vibrant and exciting or neutral and classic, our Beauty-Mark acrylic fabrics provide an attractive and sturdy exterior feature to your home or business.

Awntech Materials

Whether you want to go with a traditional canvas awning or a contemporary powder-coated metal awning, our durable Beauty-Mark acrylic fabrics and metal frames support your awning to withstand wind, snow, and other elements.

Awntech Installation

With just a few basic skills and tools, installation is a breeze. Save money on expensive contractor fees by installing your own awning without a problem. Whether you’re a homeowner or a renovator, our awnings are a perfect project for members of the Do-It-Yourself community.

Awntech Warranty

Our Limited 5-Year Warranty provides you with the peace of mind to know that we will stand by our products and provide dedicated, professional support for your awning.

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