Fixed Awnings

Our impressive Beauty-Mark® line-up presents a wonderful line of elegant, modern, and traditional retractable awnings that consist of durable, neutral, vibrant, solid and striped acrylic fabrics.  Assembly and installation are a breeze and a five-year limited warranty comes with every product. At Awntech, our first objective is to bring you high quality, designer, modular structures at mass production prices.

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Entrance Canopy


Perfect Dome Awning


Scroll Arms Awning


Elongated Dome Awning


Open-Sided Slope Awning


Poly-carbonate Awning


Metal Standing Seam Awning

Please call for product availability. There are limited quantities for this product.


Crescent Shaped Awning


Spear Arm Awning with Crescent Slope


Rigid Valance Awning


Elegant Slope Awning


Twisted Rope Awning


Waterfall Awning


Poly-carbonate Awning

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Save Energy

When placed properly, our awnings can reduce your homes cooling costs drastically!

Elegant Style

Choose from the largest selection of Beauty-Mark fabrics to fit your home or business.

Do it Yourself

With some basic handyman skills, our awnings are a breeze to install on your own!

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