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Patio & Deck Awnings

Patio and deck awnings are the perfect way to keep everyone cool and comfortable outside all season long. From UV protection to staying cool, adding an awning to your patio or deck is the perfect addition. Don’t let the hot summer temperatures keep you from enjoying the outdoors from the comfort of your own patio.

Benefits of Patio and Deck Awnings

UV Protection

A high-quality awning can block up to 98% of the harmful UV rays the sun emits. Having an awning for your patio and deck will keep your family effortlessly protected from sunburns.

Increase Liveable Space

Awnings for patios and decks create ample shade for your patio, creating more real estate for your patio and deck area. Giving you more space for relaxation and allows you to reap the benefits of outdoor ambiance.

Improve Aesthetics

Our awnings are guaranteed to increase the beauty of your patio or deck. From difference color options and looks, there are awnings that fits anyone’s style preferences.

Protect Belongings

Incorporating an awning for your patio or deck extends the life of your patio furniture and keeps it in great condition all season long. Awnings for patios and decks are the perfect solution for preventing the sun for wreaking havoc on your belongings.

Stay Cool

There’s no question that when the sun is down the temps are cooler. Did you know the same goes for patio and deck awnings? It’s true! It can get up to a full 20 degrees cooler in the shade created by an awning. Now you can relax outside in completely cool comfort.

Save Money

Awnings for patios and decks don’t just benefit the outdoors, they also help with energy saving costs for inside your home. A patio and deck awning helps block the direct rays of the sun from entering your home; lowering the amount of energy spent on trying to keep your home cool.

Retractable Awning for Patio/Deck/Porch
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Awntech Fabric Samples

Our BEAUTY-MARK® brand fabrics are 100% acrylic and have a UV Standard 801 certification. The coating on the fabric is a preventative that make the fabrics fade, mildew, soil, and water resistant. When comparing our fabric to another brand, Sunbrella is most comparable.

Want to see for yourself? Request up to 5 Awning Fabric samples for free so you can feel the quality and match the perfect color to your business’ or home’s exterior.

fabric choices for awntech awnings

All About Awntech’s Awnings

Our impressive line-up includes a gorgeous line of elegant, modern, and traditional awnings.

Awntech Designs & Styles

We offer 3 retractable, 2 metal, and 10 fixed fabric awning styles with more than 25 designs, including striped and solid-color options. Whether you are looking for vibrant and exciting or neutral and classic, our Beauty-Mark acrylic fabrics provide an attractive and sturdy exterior feature to your home or business.

Awntech Materials

Whether you want to go with a traditional canvas awning or a contemporary powder-coated metal awning, our durable Beauty-Mark acrylic fabrics and metal frames support your awning to withstand wind, snow, and other elements.

Awntech Installation

With just a few basic skills and tools, installation is a breeze. Save money on expensive contractor fees by installing your own awning without a problem. Whether you’re a homeowner or a renovator, our awnings are a perfect project for members of the Do-It-Yourself community.

Awntech Warranty

Our Limited 5-Year Warranty provides you with the peace of mind to know that we will stand by our products and provide dedicated, professional support for your awning.

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