Awnings for businesses offer a multitude of benefits that play a role in increasing traffic and sales, while also benefiting you and your customers! An awning acts as your sales partner that gives off a first impression to your customers, clients and employees. Commercial awnings are perfect for dining areas, business decks, building balconies, and any outdoor area. We offer a wide variety of awnings that will contribute to lowering your businesses high energy costs, enhancing the look of your office building, and allowing your guests to enjoy your outdoor space in the comfort of shade.

Window Awnings for Businesses

Awnings are the perfect way to add a stylish touch to your business building. While the look of your business is important for attracting new customers, installing an awning for your business brings a lot of value. Awnings are a needed component to help lower interior temperatures during the simmering summer outdoor temps. With lower internal temperatures, the lower your air conditioning bills become. Win, win!

Benefits of Awnings for Business or Commercial Use

  • Improve the appearance of your building
  • Call attention to your primary entrance and/or storefront
  • Shelter visitors from the elements with awnings sited above entry doors
  • Shield customers from the sun with awnings mounted above windows
  • Offer coverage for curbside drop-off and pick-up points
  • Cover outdoor spaces such as dining areas and/or patios
  • Prevent UV rays from fading window displays
  • Enjoy options such as lighted awnings or retractable awnings
  • Reduce air conditioning expenses by shading interior spaces from the sun
  • Do-It-Yourself Installation


Save Energy with an Awning

When placed properly, our awnings can reduce your homes cooling costs drastically!

Elegantly Designed Awnings

Choose from the largest selection of Beauty-Mark fabrics to fit your home or business.

Quick & Easy Awning Installation

With some basic handyman skills, our awnings are a breeze to install on your own!

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