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The name BEAUTY-MARK® is synonymous with classic design and quality workmanship. Our products range from prepackaged, lightweight modular units to high-end, ornamental works of art. Although our prices are very competitive, you will be surprised by the quality and durability of our products. Assembly and installation are a breeze and a five year limited warranty comes with every product. At Awntech, our first objective is bring you high quality, designer, modular structures at mass production prices.

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About Us

The BEAUTY-MARK® line-up is impressive. Awntech has utility patents and pending patents that cover modular structure assemblies: misting systems and various manufacturing methods to mention a few. All of our stationary outdoor structures have been engineered and tested for wind and snow loads. Our awning styles range from interior and exterior residential and commercial styles to high-end retractable awnings. In addition, Awntech‘s state-of-the-art graphics capabilities allow for next-generation applications and drop-shipped signage at your fingertips.

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About Us

We hope you will take a look at our product line and/or call us with any questions you may have. Our Customer Service Department is open from 8:00am to 5:00pm CST Monday through Friday.

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Awntech holds utility patents and has patents pending that cover modular assemblies, energy saving attic systems, awning styles, and manufacturing methods. Beauty-Mark® vs Custom.

BEAUTY-MARK® awnings can be easily shipped, assembled and installed; however, Awntech’s quality and durability are never compromised. Our designers and engineers take special care to join old world quality and craftsmanship with modern technologies. This makes it possible for us to offer awnings at 30-50% below custom awning prices without jeopardizing structural integrity or appeal.

Storage and Delivery

BEAUTY-MARK® awnings, structures, accessories and attic systems can be easily shipped to any destination and stored in a relatively small area. In contrast, custom frames/structures must be welded, stored, and trucked locally. Custom manufacturing and installation requires expensive equipment and specially trained professionals. With BEAUTY-MARK®¨ awnings, assembly and installation are performed at the job site by the customer.

Interchangeable Parts

Awntech’s patented systems and manufacturing methods allow for interchangeable parts across a wide range of modular styles. This makes it possible to extend any awning to fit almost any door or window opening. If you can’t find the perfect fit given the standard specifications, we also allow our customers to custom build their awnings. Visit us online, give us a call, or stop by at one of our many dealers/retail outlets.

Structural Materials and Testing

BEAUTY-MARK® frames are built to last. For those who favor the retractable awning, you’ll be pleased to know that our frames are powder coated steel. This allows a weather resistant structure with a sleek, beautiful appeal. For those interested in our fixed awnings, Awntech uses high-grade structural aluminum, engineered to endure rough weather conditions. All outdoor products have been engineered and tested to withstand excessive wind and snow loads. Our Beauty-Mark® Fabrics are state-of-the-art and can resist moisture, mildew, soil, and in some cases, fire. Our SuperStrength® lof monofilament threads are second to none. These threads have built in UV blockers and do not have a cotton core like most other awning threads. This means your seams will not rot and break apart.


BEAUTY-MARK®’s mounting brackets make installation a simple operation. With most of our structures, wall mounting brackets are first installed; the installer then hangs or slides the assembled awning/structure into the brackets; and finally the customer tightens the stainless-steel hardware fitted into the wall brackets, allowing for a secure fit. These few, easy steps translates into fewer installers and less time required on the job site.


Awning cover technology is a science in itself. All BEAUTY-MARK®’s awnings/structures may be covered with Sunbrella® or BEAUTY-MARK®’s Fabrics that have superior strength to weight ratios. All patterns are designed using SolidEdge 3-D Imaging. Covers slide through a channel over the frame and are tightened using structural-grade, adjustable, fastening materials.

Cost Effectiveness

Because BEAUTY-MARK® awnings/structures are mass-produced, you are able to purchase custom-like products for 30-50% of the cost of ordinary custom awnings sold by our competitors.


BEAUTY-MARK® awnings may be purchased directly from one of our dealers, retailers, or online. For more information or to place an order by phone, please call us toll free at 800-200-5997. You may also direct questions to customers@awntech.com.

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